Until the world makes a complete return to the old sense of normalcy, musicians will have to find clever ways of making a living. In the wake of a global pandemic, some people are prone to shying away from concerts and other live performances where musical artists typically ply their trade. Fortunately, the modern means by which fans consume entertainment makes it possible for musicians to earn money from home. Once you understand how to monetize your music and bring in some cash from your remote studio, you will be able to continue your career with confidence.

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1. Monetize on Digital Platforms

Music lovers have the luxury of accessing their favorite music at any time through apps and streaming services. You can start getting in touch with your target audience by creating a YouTube channel and uploading your music for convenient access. Additional revenue can be found through popular music streaming platforms, where your creations have a chance at becoming a regular part of everyone’s library and go-to playlists.

Live Streaming your home studio performances is another great method for putting yourself out there and monetizing your music. You can build a community with your listeners and grow your network by reaching out to other musicians on the same platform.

2. Sell Merchandise

When your music has an effect on someone’s life, they want to have a way to physically connect with it. Once you establish a following through digital uploads or other means, you can begin gauging interest in merchandise.  You might consider offering CDs, branded clothing, or unique items that have a special significance within your community.

Selling products over the Internet is referred to as e-commerce, and it requires some extra expertise to pull it off successfully. Starting an online store entails choosing an e-commerce platform that comes with all the tools you will need. You also must secure a domain for your storefront website if you do not have one yet.

3. Start a Music-Related Business

If you decide to sell merchandise related to your music brand, you are already familiar with running a business. However, there are other options for running a music-related business and there are certain steps you should follow for the best chance at success. You might decide to sell music equipment, tutor new musicians, or become a lyricist for other professionals.

Experts explain that a well-written business plan is essential, regardless of the type of enterprise you choose. Your plan should include details on your company mission, business structure, marketing methods, and funding options. Make sure to refer to the ZenBusiness guide on starting a company to do it right from the get-go.

4. Try Non-Music Freelance Work 

While music may be your passion, there might come a time when you have to find other ways to pay the bills. Until you’re ready to go back into the world to reclaim your career as a musician, you can find other freelance work that can be completed from home. Working as a freelancer even provides the flexibility to continue honing your music craft whenever you choose. A few job ideas for you as a new freelancer could include:

Finding success as a musician requires passion and dedication at the best of times. When presented with obstacles that society as a whole must struggle against, musicians have to find new ways to make a living doing what they love whether they’re working freelance or starting their own business. 

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