there are many studios in miami but there is only one bay eight

THE Experience

Miami’s premiere music studio with a unique recording studio experience. A safe, private, and comfortable environment for all musicians to create 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As one of Miami’s premier recording studios, we pride ourselves on our amenities and superb customer service.

We offer a boutique approach to recording, mixing, and mastering. We do this through a more focused and personal experience tailored to the client’s needs, not just providing services but culture and a community within the studio experience.

We strongly believe that the atmosphere you create has a direct correlation to your mood. Therefore, it has an incredible impact on your music. We are passionate about musicians, both developing and well–known, across all genres, we are dedicated to curating the best experience for every artist we work with.

We are currently celebrating 20 years of business and for over a decade Bay Eight has advanced the culture of recording studios in Miami and has established itself as one of the paramount music recording studios of our time.

THE facility

Formerly known as Midnight Blue Studios, Creatives know that Bay Eight is an intimate sanctuary. There are good reasons why so many extraordinary artists have recorded here. To step foot in these halls is to play a part in music history that has included, “Fabio “Estefano” Salgado, Gloria Estefan, Nas, Ricky Martin, Lil Wayne, Marc Anthony, Dizzee Rascal, Paulina Rubio, Jennifer Lopez, Rick Ross and so many more!!!

Bay Eight features the highly praised SSL AWS900, top-of-the-line monitors, a plethora of digital plugins, and outboard gear. Our vintage-modern interior highlights the studio’s historical relevance while fusing modern elements such as Aztec and contemporary-inspired accents, and custom hand-painted murals courtesy of local Miami artist Lola Blu, Ariel Cruz, and Weiyi Fan.

There are many studios in Miami but there is only one Bay Eight.

THE Rooms

Bay Eight Studios offers three primary recording spaces acoustically isolated with great lines of sight for easy visual communication. The tranquil three-room studio is the perfect setup for creating. The aroma of incense and scented candles wafts throughout. Lava lamps and mood lighting paint the walls in warm red, blue and yellow hues. A pleasing space of nostalgia and contemporary vibes.

Bay Eight is one of the most unique recording studios in Miami.

THE Neighborhood

Miami is a destination location for recording artists around the world. Our particular neighborhood is known as “Studio City” famed for its abundance of historical recording facilitates. The surrounding area offers our clients a wide range of services, as well as a large selection of dining and drinking establishments.

We are located very close to freeway access points as well as public transportation. Fort Lauderdale, Aventura Mall, South Beach, Downtown, Brickell, and The Wynwood Arts District are just a short ride away.

Bay Eight is Miami’s premier music studio. contact us to schedule a free tour.