My name is Victoria Vera Zafra and I intern here at BE Music. I chose to intern with BE Music because it takes place in the heart of the music industry at Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. Miami, Florida is one of the biggest hubs for music. I wanted to participate in a workplace where I was constantly learning about, and I am not the only one. The entire staff at BE Music and Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami has a passion for music, whether it is composing it themselves or assisting artists create and grow. Each of us knows the power that a great song has. We recognize that music shapes our everyday lives and experiences, even in the most mundane moments.  The intense passion we all have for providing the best sync license service in music is what makes BE Music special. We get to enjoy listening to our favorite artists, advocating for them, and getting to witness their growth. Every day is a circulation of excitement, drive, and discipline. When you work with BE Music, you are working to become the best product of yourself.

What is BE Music Licensing?

BE Music is a sync license and publishing company in Miami. Our boutique sync licensing company was founded by Matthew “Formatt” Defreitas, owner of the Grammy award-winning Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. With his 20 years of experience in audio engineering, he created a team of passionate music lovers who indulge in the emotive power that music provides. At BE Music, we aspire to connect brands to artists that are tailored to their vision and culture.

What is a Music Sync Licensing Company?

Music sync licensing companies, such as BE Music, are organizations that represent artists to brand organizations that want to use an artist’s music in the form of visual media.  A music sync license is a contract agreement that takes place between brands and artists or music publishers, permitting the brand to use the artist’s music legally, whether it be for commercial use or visual media. These licensing agreements prevent brands from breaking copyright law and allow artists to receive payment for their work. There are three main parts to a music license: the media, term, and territory. These parts dictate where the music will be played, for how long, and if it will be broadcasted nationally or internationally. In the sync world, these brands tend to use this music in advertisements, television, movies, video games, etc. Advertising agencies and sync licensing companies are often working directly with each other for sync placements. By using certain songs, these licenses allow for the brand and the artist to gain exposure.

What makes BE Music special?

BE Music’s office is held at the state-of-the-art Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami. Our staff is constantly surrounded by world-renowned and independent artists, witnessing the genesis of music’s latest trends to best assist you in the success of your brand. Together, our team hand-picks emerging artists that we know are the future of the music industry. Our artists’ best features are selected to match your brand’s image while amplifying its status. We are aware that the songs you license are bigger than background music. Great music is the conduit that invites your audience to become fans of your brand.

BE Music is a full-service syn licensing music company. We go beyond sync licensing, extending our Bay Eight Recording Studio Miami resources to your brand. We offer mixing, mastering, and audio editing for visual media, to help your brand’s needs provided by award-winning platinum audio engineers. Your brand is in the hands of today’s music curators.

What Makes Our Independent Artists Special?

Our artists at BE Music are creating music for art. BE Music’s A&Rs listen to each song an artist submits before deciding to sign them. BE Music’s library is full of music that is raw and authentic.

Our independent artists’ talent brings emotive energy to your brand. The hair-raising, foot-tapping sensation our artist evokes, becomes the sentiment of your brand, making your audience feel the same energy towards your brand.

Bringing Power to Independent Artists in The Music Industry

Artists who secure a sync placement with BE Music have the opportunity to work with globally known brands. Our staff are fans of the artists we sign, therefore, constantly advocating and promoting their music to brands that fit with the artist’s unique sound.  Our staff completely takes care of sync placements. We promote the artist’s music to the brand, negotiate the license fees, and then disclose all the details to the artist, leaving the artist to just sign and receive payment.

By having an artist’s music used in advertisements, TV, and film, they immediately begin to have more exposure. With each listen, they garner more fans, more saves, and more streams. These licenses have the ability to greatly expand an artist’s fanbase and set their music up for more opportunities as well as gain exposure. 

In Conclusion

BE Music is a team who are constantly pushing each other to grow, pushing our artists to grow, and pushing brands to grow. We cater to the quality of music that we are bringing in, assuring that your brand feels safe and confident in its content. Being fans of our artists ourselves, we plan to bring our artists’ fanbase to you. By bringing the best of music to your brand, we fill our cups by servicing both the music industry and your brand.


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