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If you’re stuck at home, why not take this opportunity to learn a new skill? After all, it’s a way to stay busy while bolstering your professional and personal development. Furthermore, you can access the best teachers and experts with just an internet connection and several clicks. 

As more people switch to a work-from-home setup, it’s also ideal if you can learn different skills from home – including how to start an LLC, should you master a new skill to the point of starting your own business, whether it’s on the side or a full-time endeavor. 

Today, Bay Eight Recording Studios shares a few tips and resources to help you pick the right skills from home – and maybe even turn it into a business! 

Learn to Bake or Cook 

Whether you’re new to baking/cooking and want to add new skills, your home offers the perfect environment to experiment with different ideas. Skills in the kitchen will help you expand your mind, eat more of the things you love, and save money. Being able to cook gives you control over the kinds of things you put into your body. From huevos rancheros to muffins, there’s always something you can find to learn and develop a new skill. 

Get Involved in Real Estate

With all that’s going on in the real estate market, it can be a little intimidating for newcomers. However, there are plenty of different niches to choose from, depending on your interests, and lots of ways you can get involved. Whether you’ve thought about running a rental property or you’d prefer to dive into flipping houses, the real estate market has plenty of opportunities to keep you busy – and potentially grow your bank account!

Start Collecting Stamps

As Warwick and Warwick explains, stamp collecting is more than just seeking out the various types and ages of stamps; to many it’s a way to explore the world and study history. The good news is that it’s an affordable entry-level hobby that doesn’t require much to get started. All you need is a few stamp collecting accessories like a pair of stamp tongs or tweezers, a magnifying glass, a stamp album or two, and a stamp identification book. Soon you’ll be off and running as you pursue this fulfilling pastime. 

Get Into Music

If you fall in love with a skill, you can use it to earn some extra money. When you become excellent in producing, singing, or playing musical instruments, you can offer your services to people looking for your skills. 

You can also learn freelancing in music promotion, music production, and record engineering. 

With music skills like these, you can join a platform like ReverbNation to find gigs. There are also job boards where you can find freelance jobs if you have special skills. On these platforms, potential employers read through the profiles of freelancers for their work experience, costs, and reviews. 

Learn Data Analytics 

Guru99 notes that data analysis is a process that includes examining, transforming, cleansing, and modeling data sets to discover useful information, make decisions, and draw conclusions. Often, you can do this with software tools. You can use data analysis to discover new opportunities, improve a business’s performance, and reveal big business relationships. 

If you don’t have a budget to fund a course in data analytics, there are many free online resources. These resources help you learn special skills you can use to improve your business.  You can also pay for a professional tutor, who will guide you through the steps to become an expert data analyst. 

Improve Your Gardening Skills 

Even if you don’t have a garden, there are many green skills you can learn at home to customize your living space. If you always wanted to know how to grow vegetables and fruits. Most of the online tutorials allow you to learn skills in handling different tools. 

When you gain these DIY skills, you can manage your garden more efficiently. You don’t need much space to begin, as you can use your balconies and window sills. There are different plants you can grow in a window box, and others you can grow that will brighten your home. 

Learn Something New

Depending on which field you’re drawn to, there’s no end to what you can learn! For instance, if you’re interested in the medical field, you can get your online bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nursing is an in-demand job, and not only will you be working in a lucrative field but you’ll also be working for the betterment and care of others. Be sure the program you’re interested in is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. 

There are also many benefits of speaking different languages, including keeping the brain sharp and having excuses to travel and advance your career. Many people admire those who speak several languages, and you could do the same. Learning a new language requires some patience, passion, and determination. 

For someone who’s into music promotion services, learning new languages is important. It’ll help you reach a wide audience and have more people listening to the music you are promoting. 

Choose a mode of learning you enjoy to boost your chances of seeing the project through. To make the experience more pleasant, use a platform like Duolingo, which allows you to access over 106 languages, which you can learn through fun games and activities for 5 – 10 minutes a day. 


Spending time at home doesn’t mean you cannot improve yourself. You can learn a new skill, which gives you a distraction when you’re bored, anxious, and restless. Or you can go so far as attaining that elusive college-level degree. When learning a new skill, start small and break the goals into small manageable chunks. 

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