Music Is The Business

Empowering Independent Musicians

Having a plan and strategy is key to success in the music business. Let us help you make the right decisions to further your career and make money from your music.

Label services for indie musicians and indie Record  labels provide you with the tools necessary to make money from your music. Recording in the studio is only one small step in the process of being a successful independent artist or label. If you want to achieve top results you need the right people in your corner guiding you and assisting you in making critical decisions that will impact your brand and business.

Album Consultation

Make sure you have  a plan before recording your album or EP so that you can maximize your time in the studio without wasting your money. From recording, Mixing and Mastering to the final release you need to have a plan and professional help.


Protect your musical art by copywriting your songs properly


Register with a  ASCAP or BMI so that  you can collect payments for the use of your music.

A&R Services

Choose the right beats for your project. We will seek out the best quality producers so that you have the best quality sounding music. Get your beats cleared so you can ensure you get paid..

Music Publishing Services

Music Publishing Administration and copyright management available through our parent company BE Music Publishing.

Song Placement Services

Have your songs pitched for use in  film and tv. Get your songs licensed and make sure you get paid for your music.

Digital Distribution ASSISTANCE Services

Distribute your music properly, make sure your song ownership splits are complete so you don’t need to wait for your money.

INBOUND Booking Services

Let us help you with bookings and contact negotiations. Make sure you get paid for your performances and make sure your contrats protect you.


Let us handle your incoming management needs. Having a plan and strategy is key to success in the music business. Let us help you make the right decisions to further your career.


Let our marketing team, promote and market your music services on the best platforms.

Am I Eligible?

Lets Find out if you need label services

Answer this questionnaire to see if you are a candidate for our label services.

  1. Do you have contracts in place for the producers you work with?
  2. Do you sign split sheets with collaboraters (writers & producers) upon the completion of your songs?
  3. Are your songs registered US Government with proper copyrights in place?
  4. Are you affiliated with any PRO? ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC?
  5. Do you receive stems from your producers? 
  6. Do you have contracts in place for when you get booked for shoes and features?
  7. Can you tell the difference between poor quality songs and high quality songs?
  8. Do you feel that your studio sessions are unorganized?
  9. Are you tracking your studio expenses ?
  10. Do you have a good relationship with your engineer and does he/she know your goals?
  11. Do you have anything in place to make money from your song being used in commercials, advertisements or movies?
  12. Are you registered with any digital distribution services?
  13. Do you know how to properly upload and label your songs for digital distribution?ds
  14. Are you advertising your music anywhere? 

If you answered NO to more than six of the questions please contact us today for more information.

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