Bay Eight offers Miami’s highest quality mixing services at the most affordable rates. Get your song mixed by one of our platinum award-winning engineers.

Need a professional audio mixing service for your next single, album, or EP? Bay Eight Recording Studios delivers an unparalleled sound! We provide Mixing services at our facility with or without you in attendance.

Mixing services at affordable rates

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. In this industry, it helps to have a high-quality product that really ‘sounds’ good. The sound of your recording says a lot about who you are as an artist.

Platinum Award-winning engineers!

Get your music mixed by the best mix engineers in Miami. We are proud to have a staff of award-winning RIAA Platinum-certified mix engineers available to bring your song to life.

Miami’s Most accurate mixing studios

Our rooms are designed for mixing with the highest levels of acoustic performance. Our world-famous SSL consoles are known for their rock-solid deep bass, crystal clear highs, and a very articulate midrange while never sounding harsh. It adds mojo or magic to any sound that goes through it. Our mastering grade Barefoot MM27/s speakers are tuned for the most accurate listening experience.


What are audio mixing services?

Mixing is a vital part of releasing music. Mixing is a process by which multiple sounds (The Recording) are combined into one or more channels, polished, and enhanced.

How many hours does it take to mix a song?

We recommend a minimum of four (4) hours to book a mixing session. The time it takes to mix a song depends on the number of tracks in a session. Mixes can range from 4-6 hours or more to complete. Stereo 2-track mixes take less time to mix simply because there are fewer tracks. If you have all the tracked-out instrument files, then the number of hours needed to mix is usually a bit higher.

Do I need need a Sr Engineer to Mix my song?

We always recommend booking a Sr Engineer to take your track and mixes to perfection. It’s a lot more complicated than just pushing up the faders! Our Sr mixing engineers have years of experience and a trained ear. Sr Engineers will use their skills to make your music sound pristine without losing any of the power you intended during the recording process.

What do audio mixing services do?

The process of mixing relies on sound manipulation by turning certain sounds up and down. This is the technical definition, but there’s much more to it. Mixing requires you to look at your music as a whole and ensure that every part works in harmony with the other parts. A great engineer can see how all of these elements work together.

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