Sony C800G: The Weapon of Miami’s Top Recording Studio

With arrays of microphones in existence, there are few elite microphones that rappers love. In this article, we will be covering why Rappers love the Sony C800G Microphone. Next how it innovated the rap sound. Below are points about what will be covered in the article. Here at Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami, we offer the Sony C800G. Make sure to call us to request the legendary mic!

  • Introduction
  • Why Artists use it
  • The Sound of the Sony C800G 
  • Status Amongst Rappers
  • Conclusion 

Introduction to the Microphone:

When it comes to recording vocals in a recording studio setting, the most important tool in an engineer’s arsenal is the microphone. There are different types on the market. Each with its own unique characteristics and strengths. Here at Bay Eight, we have a wide variety of mics available for our artists. As a matter of fact, Usher used the mic when he recorded here at Bay Eight Recording Studios Miami! However, there are microphones that have become industry standards due to their high quality and widespread use. One such microphone is the Sony C800G.

Rappers: Joey Bada$$ with Sony C800G

Why Artists Use the Sony C800G:

The main reason this microphone is so popular not only at Bay Eight but, among artists; is its ability to capture every detail of a rapper’s voice. Hip-hop is a genre that contains a lot of emphasis on lyrics. It’s crucial for the listener to be able to hear every word. Without understanding the lyrics, no one will understand the song. Furthermore, the Sony C800G excels in this area. Providing extreme clarity and brightness to the sound. It’s no wonder why so many rappers choose to use this microphone in the studio. We recommend this mic for anyone who is working within these genres. When you book with us, ask the front desk for the mic!

But it’s not just hip-hop artists who appreciate the Sony C800G. Rock artists like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Ozzy Osbourne have also been known to use this microphone in their recordings. The microphone’s ability to capture every nuance of a singer’s voice makes it a versatile tool for a variety of musical genres.

The Sound of the Sony C800G Microphone:

The Sony C800G is regarded as one of the best recording studio microphones available. It has a bright sound with extreme clarity, allowing vocals to better fit into mixes. The better the recording, the better your mix will sound. Catching all the details of sound, it is obvious why someone would want to use the microphone in recording studios. Furthermore, the more detail behind the sound, the more your recording will stand out. The Sony mic was first brought to the market in 1992 and has been an industry standard.

One of the reasons why this microphone is so popular among artists is its ability to capture the full clarity of someone’s voice and offer full detail. With its warm tubes and exterior power source, the microphone adds warmth to voices. This creates presence and uniqueness from the sound produced through the microphone.

The Sony C800G is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. This means it will capture sound with a high level of accuracy and detail. It will pick up subtle nuances of a singer’s voice that might be missed by other microphones. This level of detail is what makes the Sony C800G such a popular choice among recording engineers.

Rappers: Kanye West with the Sony C800G

Status Amongst Rappers: 

As much as the Sony C800G is an innovative and incredible mic, some artists use this microphone solely for status. With the microphone
being the Rolls Royce of microphones, its name gets thrown around amongst artists and recording studios. As a result, the mic is in such high demand that some artists demand it if it does not fit their voice.

Furthermore, using a Sony C800G in the studio can be a status symbol for an artist. This shows that they have made it to a level where they can afford to use the best equipment available. However, it’s important to remember that a microphone is one part of the recording process. Even the best microphone won’t make up for poor technique or lackluster performance.

Rappers: Diddy with Dre featured with Sony C800G


The Sony C800G has become an industry standard for rappers due to its high quality and widespread use. Its ability to capture every detail of a singer’s voice has made it a go-to choice for many artists. At Bay Recording Studios Miami, it has become our go-to choice for rap, hip-hop, and RnB genres. Specifically in the rap and hip-hop genres where clarity and presence are essential. While some rappers use it for its status or prestige, the Sony C800G’s sound quality and reputation have helped it stand the test of time.

As a result, remaining a popular mic among professionals. Lastly, it remains a beloved tool among many artists and recording studios. Its legacy in the world of music recording is undeniable. In addition, if you want to sound great, and not like a Soundcloud rapper, ask about the Sony C800G and other mics Bay Eight Recording Studios have for rental.

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